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In 2002, I joined the Texas Western Model Railroad Club in Fort Worth, Texas.  Being a new member, I wanted to contribute my talents to the railroad.  After looking around, I chose an area that both reflected my interest and capabilities, the HOn3 Logging complex area.  That area already had a backdrop painted, the track was in place, some details in, and a rough scenery shell.  My job was to build and install appropriate structures for a logging complex, from the tree cutting areas to the finished wood products.  I also had to bring all the individual areas together with finished and appropriate scenery.  

The following pictures show the results of almost one year's work (one club evening per week).  This area is still not finished, as if any model railroad really is, but it continues to grow.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, I would be happy to receive them via the email link. 

Kindling Wood Factory with Sawmill in the Background
Narrow Gauge Sawmill Area
Front Side of Sawmill

Log Pond and Sawmill Area 

Car Repair Area
Logging and Heavy Equipment Repair Area
Kindling Wood Factory Cutting Room
Figure -- Out of scale!

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