Cedar Shingle Sheets

by Sierra Scale Models

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Each package comes with 5 real cedar sheets that are approximately .018 inches thick, 2.5" by 5.5". The natural cedar wood can be cut to any scale size with a modeling knife, scissors, or paper cutter.  Application to either card stock or wood roof sheets is easily accomplished with white glue.  Full instructions for use are included with each package.  After the glue has dried during application, the wooden shingles may be left in a new shingle look or finished to weathered shingle look by using many techniques, such as India ink and alcohol mix, chalks or even the A-West Weather-it fluid.

SSM now offers something that no one has offered before.  Cedar Shingle Sheets are now available in three different thicknesses.  Thin is .011, medium is our standard at .018, and thick is .038.  The sheet size remains the same at 2.5" x 5.5".  If thin or thick sheets are desired please indicate so on your order, or we will assume you desire the normal .018 thickness and send them.  Prices for all thicknesses are the same.

5 sheets for $3.95. Includes five sheets of thin, medium, or thick real cedar shingles (2.5" X 5.5") and detailed directions. Medium (.018) shingles will be sent unless e-mail message is received specifying thin or thick thicknesses.

Have you ever looked at a superbly built structure and thought it deserved something better than brown paper bag shingles on the roof? Have you seen the shingles on an award winning structure and wondered how they did it?

Cedar shingles add a realism that is impossible to imitate any other way. These two  photos depict our cedar shingles that have been weathered (left) by Brain Nolan, and natural cedar shingles (right) by Bill Kohl. 



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