Russell Log Car Kits for Model Trains

by Sierra Scale Models

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log car kit for HO scale trains This Russell style log car was commonly used by the Michigan-California Lumber Company and many other logging companies in the 1920s and 1930s. These cars were used to carry logs, cut lumber, and to haul many things besides lumber.  The Pacific Car & Foundry Co. built the first batch of log cars (without any airbrakes).

Later, they sold the metal parts and trucks and let the Michigan-California Lumber Company assemble the cars (with airbrakes) from their own cut wood at Camino, California.  Our cars represent either type of Russell style log cars; you can build them with airbrakes or with manual brakes. Detailed instructions are included in the kits.

Log chain is available in 24 inch lengths. You can order Black or Brass. Price is $4.49 each. See the Product List to order.
Three 20' logcars (HOn3)=$19.95. Shipping costs will be added to each order.
Three 30' logcars (HOn3)=$19.95. Shipping costs will be added to each order.
Three 20' logcars (HO)=$19.95.  Shipping costs will be added to each order.
Three 30' logcars (HO)=$19.95.  Shipping costs will be added to each order.

Model Russel log car made from kitOur kits provide high quality Kappler scale wood, special cut for us, unique Grandt Line castings, hardened scale brass wire, and chain.  The original drawings provided in the kit are double scale to give you a better look at the detail and location of each item in the two page step-by-step instructions.  The quality wood in this kit is precut to length, making construction an easy task.  You will be surprised at how soon you can make up a train of six to twelve unique log or lumber cars for your railroad. Try this "triple kit" and you will be well on your way to starting a fleet of log cars.  Although the kits do not include trucks or couplers, the instructions offer suggestions of appropriate options.  Ideas for painting and weathering colors are also included. Available in 20 or 30 foot kits.


   Sierra Scale Models is owned and operated by Dave Barron, an NMRA Master Model Railroader. If you have questions about the products, send a message to David Barron.