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by Sierra Scale Models

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Split brass cams for model railroad Many of the older sound systems (PFM, Magoffin, etc.) used on model railroads rely on make-break contacts to establish the steam exhaust sound.  Original applications required painting the back of a driver with alternating painted and unpainted areas that wear off. The wiper could also cause groves in the back of the driver from continued rubbing in the same spot. Our easy to install, 4 or 6 solid point brass cams, provide an alternate way to have the drivers timed with the steam exhaust. 

Solid brass cams for model railroad The solid cam (hexagon) has six contact points on it to conform to the rapid three-cylinder operation of Willamette and Shay locomotives. The two-part solid brass cams are placed around a locomotive driver axle to form a full 4-cornered cam. This type of cam is used on all other locomotives. Be sure to measure your axel before ordering -- both types are available for 1/8 " or 3mm axels.

This product has been discontinued.



 Sierra Scale Models is owned and operated by Dave Barron, an NMRA Master Model Railroader. If you have questions about the products, send a message to David Barron.