Scale Window Glass for Structures

by Sierra Scale Models

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Real window glass for models Nothing looks more like glass than glass itself. Sierra Scale Models Scale Glass is easy to use in structures, passenger cars, or any other place where flat plates of glass are appropriate. Shards of glass, cracks, or broken windows never looked so real because they are!  You can build real windows and dazzle your railroad friends with your skills.

These glass sheets are .007 thick x 1 x 2 inches.  The quantity of glass sheets may vary by 1 or 2 sheets per package, but is usually 55 sheets.  The special plastic case is designed to protect the glass against accidental breakage and make it easily accessible for use. 

Scale Glass Sheets for $6.95. Approximately 55 sheets; .007 thick x 1 inch; x 2 inches;. Shipping costs will be added to each order.
Carbide scriber for cutting glass $9.49. Shipping costs will be added to each order.

Glass scriber for window glassThe glass can be cut with a carbide tip cutter. This special carbide tip glass scriber is used to scribe the thin Scale Glass.  The scriber tip can be removed and replaced.  This has been the only tool that we have found that safely and consistently works on our scale glass.

Caution: Super glue can shatter the glass if accelerator is used and this will draw real blood if caution is not used.  Always wear safety glasses when cutting this material.


Sierra Scale Models is owned and operated by Dave Barron, an NMRA Master Model Railroader. If you have questions about the products, send a message to David Barron.